My Skill Set

I’m experienced in creating of Site Maps, Lo-Fi/Hi-Fi dynamic Wireframes/Prototypes, User Research, Usability Testing, A/B Testing, Personas, User Stories, Content Analysis, Content Inventory, Competitive Analysis, Comparative Analysis, Card Sorting, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, HTML/CSS/jQuery Prototyping, Creative Briefs, Mobile User Experience.

Additional expert skills go for: Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Lightroom/Premiere, Corel Draw, 3Ds Max, HTML/CSS, jQuery.

I have a strong visual designer background for 5+ years before coming to UX with a ton of practicing experience working with any type of client starting from small personal projects and ending with a huge brand multisite and government projects.

My E-commerce UX Expertise

Strong knowledge and understanding of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms:

My Unique Prototyping/Work Approaches
During the practice of creating high-fidelity prototypes I’ve created a bunch of really effective wireframing approaches which enable me and the whole team to achieve stunning project estimations and effort reduced at all its phases.

As a part of these approaches I’m using grid approach wich enables wireframes to fully represent the layout and reduce development effort at FrontEnd/Visual Design/Development phase.

Examples are provided on demand.

My Unique Client/Brand Experience

I’ve been working for a while as a part of a professionals’ teams assigned to achieve success on the projects of brands such as Adidas, Crocs, L’oreal, EM Cosmetics, TCBY, TaylorMade Golf, Timbuk2, Hastens, etc.

My Core Values

Integrity: Distinguishing right from wrong and strive to do right by everyone.
Respect: Treating everyone around us with truthfulness and empathy.
Passion: I’m passionate about what I create and design overall
Teaming: I work together in groups where complementary skills achieve common goals and greater results both for client and team.
Continuous Improvement: I continuously deepen my e-commerce and consulting expertise and strive for it.
Shared Success: Measure self success by client` and team success.