Igor Yakushchenko. UX Designer

Who Am I

I'm a dedicated UX designer for the last thirteen years of my life.

Among those thirteen there are seven years of a professional UI designer background and over six years of eCommerce UX expertise.

My key passion about the web – is to develop pixel-prefect perfectionist responsive interfaces.

What I do

I lead a UI/UX team working shoulder-to-shoulder with the project team building eCommerce web sites for a global retail B2B/B2C brands (NDA).

My key activities are on-Site workshops, establishing effective User Flows and IA, Dynamic Prototypes.

How I work

I work as a part of multi-lingual and multi-cultural worldwide teams of professionals.

I admire the process and follow SDLC as much as the project processes allow. With that being said – flexibility is one of my most powerful soft skills.

I make sure team, client and their customers' expectations are met.

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The main outcomes I strive to achieve during my allocation

Long Story Short

There is much more stuff being done in order to bring out the best solution possible.


I've been working with the following platforms over the past 6 years

Expertise & Skills

Content & UX Development