Igor Yakushchenko. UX Designer

Creating digital products with the user's Happy Path at the forefront

Currently leading @ Astound Commerce.

As a UX/UI designer with 17 years of experience, including seven years in professional UI design and ten years in eCommerce UX, I'm dedicated to delivering pixel-perfect and responsive interfaces. I'm passionate about my craft and bring a wealth of expertise to every project.

As a Principal UX Designer and UX Strategist in a distributed UI/UX department, I collaborate with project teams to develop eCommerce websites for top global B2B/B2C brands. While I value the SDLC process, I prioritize flexibility and adaptability to ensure high-quality work is delivered on time, even when circumstances and requirements change.

Content updated: March 2023

Value and Expertise


Over the past ten years, I've had the privilege of immersing myself in a diverse array of platforms, each with its unique features and challenges.

SalesForce Commerce Cloud, Magento / Magento 2, Intershop, Hybris and others.

SalesForce Commerce Cloud
Magento / Magento 2

Skillset and Proficiency Highlights

UX process and Design thinking

My process for creating digital experiences involves researching the target audience through surveys, interviews, and usability testing. Then, I design the interface, create prototypes, test them with users, refine the design, and implement it. Ongoing monitoring and maintenance are crucial for optimal user experience.

My design thinking involves empathizing with the users, defining the problem, ideating solutions, prototyping designs, and testing with users. I use an iterative approach to refine and improve the design until it meets the needs of the users and the business goals of the project. The goal is to create a user-centered design that solves the defined problem and achieves the desired outcomes for the business.

Design System Approach

I usually leverage the power of design system and specifically 8-point grid approach. It provides consistency and efficiency in the design process by establishing a set of guidelines and components. It saves time and promotes collaboration while ensuring a cohesive look and feel across products and platforms. The result is a better user experience and stronger brand identity.

Case Studies

Actual showcases and brand names are unavailable due to NDA agreement.

Feel Like Talking?

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